Get Shaped Virtual Personal Training

Get Shaped Fitness introduces Get Shaped Virtual Personal Training! Get Shaped Fitness can now come to you on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device, wherever you may be for virtual fitness training. Yes, a certified Personal Trainer in your home, office, or hotel via Skype™.

Virtual fitness training sessions are available for all of our clients.

This is often an ideal solution for our clients who spend a lot of their time on the road or those who have frequently changing schedules. Please ask about remote training options if you are interested in scheduling one or more remote fitness training sessions via Skype™.

For more information about Get Shaped Virtual™ fitness training sessions, including technical requirements, costs, and scheduling, please contact us.

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Get Shaped Fitness Online 1 ON 1 Training Program

                You can train from any gym that you would like or even at your own home (if you are willing to purchase equipment such as trx, dumbbells and resistance bands)


*Get Personal customized workouts sent to you weekly. These plans are specifically tailored for you and your goals. You will have a progress plan every time you workout.

-These workouts include videos to show you how to proper perform the exercises.

-You will receive a total of 5/6 workouts a week consisting of resistance training, HIIT workouts as well as cardio workouts

 *Get Personal Nutritional coaching and meal planning help weekly. We will work with you to find a healthy, sustainable Nutrition plan that fits in your lifestyle.

 *Get One on One calls once a week with your trainer. Get Feedback on your program and any answers to your questions

On-line & mOBILE Personal Training

Personalized progressive workouts, created by a GSF Personal Trainer, sent to you weekly. Every workout includes detailed instructions as well as videos showing the client how to properly perform the exercises. Take the workouts anywhere, and track your results. Your trainer reviews your results and modifies your training plan. Each package gives you a full week of workouts including resistance training sessions and cardio sessions.

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